Wednesday, March 14, 2012

It's a Wednesday....

Finished getting bills done for tomorrow (payday), got my oldest to school, had to go by the store to get milk and juice [love it when no one tells mom until we are walking out the door we need those things], going to finish hanging up pictures in the hallway, work on craft room for a bit and pull some weeds (possibly) I might just wait and see if it rains then pull them when it's easier, who knows. I am seriously thinking about getting some paint and starting on the toddler's bedroom this weekend, John Deere Green and Yellow, he keeps asking me, 'paint my room mommy?'; I also have to get the invites for his [3rd] birthday out by Monday, after Hubby an I agree on when (he won't care, I just don't want him to feel left out and to make sure he blocks off that Saturday, for NO WORK). Just your typical average Wednesday.

I have been working reading through ARR reads so I can do a Beta read for Dana next week, which I am thrilled to be doing, her last novel, 'Revenge', left me on the edge of my seat. My plan is to read it next week and get at least one author interview next week as well. I may even go out on a limb and email a few other authors I have been in contact with or are fans of and see if they will let me interview them for my blog here, never know they might accept.

It's been a crazy week so far with my oldest getting out of school early for parent teacher conferences, right in the middle of toddler nap time. The great news is that my son was asked to take the Advanced 7th Grade English class next year, which I guess is hard to get into; well, since he will be in a different school district that won't work, so I am going to contact the new school and see if they will accept him into their Advanced English Class. I am very proud of my kiddo, he earned ice cream yesterday; we still have some things to work on as far as turning in math homework and not acting up in class, he is all boy.

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