Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Book Review!!! "Revenge" by Dana Delamar

**DISCLAIMER** Dana sent me a free copy to review; I'm so glad she did. :-)

I'm not usually the kind of person who will seek out a book that talks about the Mafia - I'm not a fan of 'stuff in boxes', etc, however, in this case, I'm very glad I took the chance and read it. The amount of research that Dana did was impressive. The way she captured the language, the way that the Mafioso works in that area, the 'code' that some of the more 'respectable' Mafioso stick too and the visuals of the area are fantastic.

Quick breakdown of the novel ~

Kate, a fair skinned American beauty, is living in Italy; she married Vince Andretti after a whirlwind courtship and not knowing that much about his 'family'. Kate's gut has told her something is 'amiss' about her husband, little does she know that he is part of the ruthless Andretti family.

Enter Enrico Lucchesi, a handsome, widowed businessman who also happens to be the capo of the Lucchesi family; he is also Kate's boss at the orphanage where Vince has reluctantly let Kate work.

Enter the twists and turns of this compelling novel.

Dana weaves such a wonderful story of love, passion, treachery, 'old code' and lies that I stayed up til after midnight reading. The novel got a slow start, then once it got going you were drawn into this 'world' where people live by a different set of rules. A world where men have closed door meetings, where you might receive something in a box that belonged to someone you and love as a 'message'.

You watch the main characters grow, they fight, the love, they lie and they feel; they are well rounded and you can actually picture running into them in Italy and seeing the events unfold. The end of the book left me wanting to read the next novel.

Book Review!! "Because of You" by Jessica Scott

**Disclaimer** I won a free signed copy of 'Because of You' from Jessica Scott in a goodreads giveaway.

This book has to be on my top 20 books. The characters, Jen & Shane are not like any other characters I have ever encountered in all my years of reading. They are VERY realistic and they face challenges that many are facing today. I haven't read any other 'military' based novels before, yet, as I read this novel I was captivated by Jessica's writing and story telling.

Knowing that Jessica is/was in the military shines through as she tells this modern romance between two people who basically start out as strangers and end up helping each other heal. Shane and Jen both have scars, some physical and some deeper.

While reading this novel I was drawn into the realities of what military families have to endure as their loved ones go off to war for months or even years, then come back some times in pieces. 'Because of You' takes the reader on an emotional journey as you watch Shane and Jen grow together and face their own demons.

As I read this novel, I started to put myself in the character's shoes; Jen faces what so many other women have and are going through, just as Shane faces what many many men and women face everyday. Both characters are very likable and you cheer for them and feel for them as you get to know them.

Would I read it again, definitely. It's a MUST read for anyone who likes characters that are NOT perfect and are very realistic. You can picture this novel as a biography or a glimpse into the lives of two friends.


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