Monday, March 12, 2012

Book Review "Suddenly a Spy" by Heather Huffman

**Disclaimer** ARR review. I received a copy of this book in exchange for a review.

This novel starts at Victoria's wedding to the handsome Rick; the perfect wedding, the perfect dress, the perfect groom, the exgirlfriend who shows up and pisses off the bride at her own reception!!! Turns out that Victoria doesn't know as much about her new husband as she previously thought she did.

'Suddenly a Spy' has lots of twist and turns keeping the reader engaged as you follow Victoria and her spy husband. This novel comes after the one I previously reviewed of Heather's; it was nice to see a 'familiar face' even if only for a few pages when you meet up with Devon from 'Ring of Fire' on his plantation in Ecuador for what Victoria discovers is not only a month of training but putting her young marriage to a test. Like the last novel, this one tackles a growing problem, this time Heather addresses human trafficking; she doesn't go into a lot of detail with it, you do see the seedy side of it, but nothing that would make my stomach turn which was/is a relief.

As 'Suddenly a Spy' progresses you watch how a new marriage can be put to the test as Rick and Victoria battle again Marco and his evil cartel. You travel all over the world with Victoria and rick from the Carabean, to Europe to Central America and back to the US.

I found myself feeling for Victoria and wanting her to succeed as she was thown into a world where danger literally lurks all around her and she doesn't know who to trust and if her new marriage is where she wants to be.

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